Hello Friend!

I’m Kate McMahon, the designer behind Blue Mungo. My grandmother taught me to sew more than 20 years ago and often remarks that I was a "speed demon since day one." I was no more than 5 years old then and I haven’t slowed down since. 


While I have been sewing all my life, I really found my stride with quilting towards the end of college. I have an appreciation for the traditional, but love to incorporate modern colors, prints, and composition into the quilts I design.


Most of my designs begin with a question about construction like, "How can I make this block with no waste?" or "What shapes can I cut from a layer cake square?" Rarely do I start with a final idea in mind.

My goal is to share my love of quilting with others through patterns that are approachable, modern, and most of all fun to create!

Happy Quilting!


I'm Joey, head of Blue Mungo's quality control department. No pattern gets published without my Paw of Approval. 

I enjoy keeping Kate company while she sews, snuggled under my own quilt of course.

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