Interchange is the newest Blue Mungo pattern, but for those involved in the 2020 Scrap 'N Stash Mystery Quilt Along, it may look a little familiar. I actually designed this block about two years ago, made a sample, and then got distracted by Celtic Warrior. So when I decided to run a BOTM pattern in 2020, I knew this one would make an appearance. But I am still so in love with this block and the quilts I've made using it, that I decided you all needed full instructions. So here we are.

You may be asking why this one is called Interchange and the only thing I can really say is something about the design made me think of a highway interchange as seen from above. So I went it.

Interchange is a fantastic quilt for beginner and experienced quilters alike. Thanks to using only squares and rectangles, the blocks work up incredibly fast! Plus, you can use nearly any cut of fabric: Yardage, Fat Quarters, Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, or Scraps. I even included instructions for making the background out of scraps!

As a side note, this is the first pattern to have the new Blue Mungo branding, which is likely way more exciting for me than it is for any of you. And as a heads up, over the next year (or so) all the patterns will be updated with the new banding as well as some additional size and fabric options. Stay tuned!