Moon Spool Quilt

I think it’s safe to say that most of us love every quilt we’ve ever made, in one way or another. You may struggle through some of the piecing, second guess your fabric choices or stare at it for months, even years, before coming up with the right top-stitching design. But in the end, each quilt is a manifestation of your love and passion for the craft.

If you’re like me, this emotional connection makes them really hard to give away. For some, giving away a quilt is probably just the final step of the process, but it’s not that easy for me. Unless I start the quilt with a specific person in mind, there’s just no way it’s leaving my house. And even then, it can be a struggle.  That’s the story of my Moon Spool Quilt.

About two years ago, I picked up Amy Gibson’s Quilt Block Cookbook and was inspired by all the different blocks and possible combinations. As I flipped through the idea pages in the back, I came across this combination. My actual thoughts were, “Yep, I need to make that quilt, just like that. It’s perfect!” So first I’d like to thank Amy for the idea. It’s truly one of my favorites! (Get the book here)

Before I’d even bought the fabric, I knew that this quilt was meant for my college roommate Megan. There’s no other way to describe it than it was “her in a quilt.” No doubt about it. So I ran up to my local quilt shop, found the right solids and got quilting.

As I was piecing the top, I kept second-guessing my decision to give this one away. I mean, Meg didn’t know I was making it for her, so there would be no harm in keeping it for myself, right? But every time she visited and took the mandatory tour of all my current projects, she’d comment on this particular quilt and tell me it was her favorite of all of them. And I always thought, “Well of course you love it, I’m making it for you.” Seeing how much she loved this quilt, even when she didn’t know it was hers, made it much easier to let go.

And while I did let this one go, part of me still wants to keep all the quilts