Tumbling Tones – An Introduction

I’m so excited to share my newest pattern with all of you: Tumbling Tones. Get pattern here.

The best part of this pattern is that you’re really getting three patterns in one. The three fabric options - Tonal, Ombre, and Solid - result in three vastly different quilts.

TONAL uses four different fabrics of the same color but in varying tones. For this option it’s best to have a light fabric, two mediums, and a dark.

OMBRE uses a jelly roll of ombre fabrics, resulting in 20 different colored blocks. I used the V and Co Metallic Confetti jelly roll. It’s VERY important to note that each block requires two strips of the same color, so be careful when picking out a jelly roll for this option.

SINGLE uses one fabric with a great amount of color or pattern variation to create a truly unique quilt. The more variation, the more dynamic your blocks will turn out.

While the three fabric options change the overall feel of the quilt, the construction for all three options utilizes the HST Strip Method. If you have no idea what that is - don’t worry; the pattern has full instructions for this method. Now, this method does result in HSTs that have biased edges but don’t let that scare you away. Bias edges are nothing to be intimidated by and I’ve also incorporated a few cross-grain pieces to help stabilize your blocks and quilt top. I got you!

So sit back, relax, and start picking out fabric for your own Tumbling Tones quilt.