Weekly Wrap Up 2

April 29, 2020 – May 22, 2020

Well considering the last wrap up was nearly a month ago, I’m not sure I should be calling these WEEKLY wrap-ups but nonetheless I’m back with an update!


*Numbers are totals from the entire length of quarantine.

Weeks of Quarantine: 10

Quilt Tops Made: 14

Quilts Finished: 11!

Total WIP Count: 14


Having a long arm is freaking amazing! I knew it would be great but I didn’t know it would be this great! From completing a quilt in just about 15 minutes to making rulers SO MUCH easier to use, this past month has been so fun and productive!

I was a pretty quick quilter before and even churned out an amazing 48 quilts last year. But the long arm has really sped things up and I was somehow able to quilt 11 quilts in the past three weeks! That’s was even with working full time and managing to still keep my house clean – and we all know it’s usually an either/or situation when it comes to quilting and housework.


So those pink socks I talked about last time (remember that was a month ago) are still not finished and neither are the green socks that I’ve been working on for almost a year now. But did I mention that I finished 11 quilts since then!?

But I really do want to get those projects wrapped up so I’m hoping that at least one pair will be finished by the next time I write an update…which I’m also hoping will be closer to the weekly schedule I was aiming for. But I suppose time will tell on both those goals.

The destash sale went pretty great so thank you to all of those who purchased something! There was still some unsold fabric that Jacky and I decided to send to New Mexico where some amazing women are working to make masks for the Navajo Nation, which has been severely affected by COVID-19.

For more information, please visit their Go Fund Me page.

The last project is, unfortunately, a secret project that I can’t really share much about right now, but just know it’s big and I am really excited to share more details as the timing gets closer.


So in the next week, or however long it is until I write another update, I’m hoping to finish at least one pair of socks and 2-3 more quilts. I’m also looking forward to watching my gardens begin growing as the weather is finally starting to warm up, and more importantly, stay warm!

Wherever you are, I hope your week is a good one!

Happy Quilting!