Scrap N' Stash MQA

Do you have a ton of scraps laying around and a stash that is bursting off the shelves? Well the good news is, you’re definitely not alone and the better news is, I’ve got a plan to help you get through some of that fabric. It’s called the Scrap N’ Stash Mystery Quilt-Along. 


How it Works

Each month you’ll receive an email with an updated version of this pattern book that includes all monthly patterns, up to the current month. For each block design, I’ll provide a list of all the pieces needed and the instructions to assemble one block. 


Since the instructions will be for an individual block and the layout/use of the block is up to you, I will not be providing fabric requirements or finished dimensions for specific quilt sizes. However, I will provide multiple layout and color options to help get your creative juices flowing. You could make a pillow from the block or make a ton of blocks for a large bed-sized quilt. Or you could make a sampler by making one block each month. It’s totally up to you!


Why is it a Mystery?

The fun answer is that, well, it’s FUN!  It’s nice not to always have everything planned out and just see where the journey takes you. Hopefully, you’ll be excited at the beginning of each month when a new pattern suddenly appears in your inbox.


The honest answer, however, is that not all of the blocks are designed yet. :)


Skill Level 

Most of the blocks are beginner friendly. However, since the instructions are for the blocks only, not the entire quilt, it's best if you have some knowledge of how to asseble a quilt top or a friend who can help you out.


*This is a downloadable PDF, which will become available for you to download once your payment is processed. There is no physical item associated with this listing.


Pattern is for personal use only. Please do not duplicate or redistribute in any way. However, quilts made using this pattern may be sold as long as pattern design credit is given.  

Scrap N' Stash MQA


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